Monday, 12 October 2015

11am update - are we still open?

US equities are increasingly muted.. with still a long day ahead. A broadly flat close seems highly probable... with VIX in the 17/16s. Gold has been unable to hold most of the opening gains... whilst Oil remains notably weak, -1.3% in the $48s.

USO, 60min

USO, weekly2


Little to add.

A day where the market is in a holding pattern ahead of more earnings... not least from FB, INTC, and NFLX.

*I'm increasingly interested in Oil (regardless of GS comments/nonsense).. as the weekly cycles remain outright bullish.

notable weakness..

Despite the slightly higher VIX.. the infamous TVIX/UXVY continue to degrade..

TVIX, daily

*VIX opex is at this coming Wed' open.