Wednesday, 21 October 2015

10am update - VIX slammed for opex

US equities open a little higher, sp +4pts @ 2035, whilst the VIX is slammed at the open for opex... breaking -8% to 14.41. With the USD broadly flat in the DXY 94.90s, commodities are under pressure... Gold -$10.. with Oil -1.4% in the $45s.




There really isn't much to add.

The sp'2040s look probable today.. ahead of the Thursday ECB.

Unquestionably... eyes should be on China...  having seen the biggest daily decline in a month.

notable strength:  DIS, +1%... set for the $111s... and onward to the $120s

New stock...  Ferrari (RACE)

Marking a cycle peak as Alibaba did in Sept 2014?  Hmmm

*awaiting the EIA report (10.30am)....

back soon

10.32am.. 8.0 million barrel surplus.... ugly.     Oil -2.3% in the $44s.

notable weakness. VRX -20%.. after claims the whole company is a fraud.