Tuesday, 27 October 2015

10am update - opening weakness

US equity indexes are moderately lower, with the sp -5pts @ 2066. A latter day rally seems probable though. Oil is seeing renewed sig' weakness, -2.0% in the $42s.


USO, daily2


re: Oil. A loss of the $40 threshold later this week/early Nov' would certainly help drag down
energy stocks.. and the broader market.

Unquestionably.. the issue of over supply has not been remotely addressed, and sustained action in the $30s now looks likely into year end.

notable weakness...

coal miners, CNX -11% in the $7s

CHK -4%, as Nat' gas prices look headed for $1.50.. or even the ultimate $1.00

F, -5%

early strength... AAPL, DIS, BABA, TWTR

.. indeed, AAPL earnings at the close will be rather interesting.