Thursday, 24 September 2015

11am update - broad weakness

US equities remain very weak, a daily close in the 1905/1890 zone remains probable.. along with VIX 27s. With Yellen set to speak at 5pm EST.. there is threat of an opening Friday gain.. but based on the current trend/pattern.. any such gains won't last. Broader target remains 1867.. and then 1820 by end month.


VIX'daily'2, rainbow


*note the green candle on the VIX 'rainbow' chart... with open air to the upper bol' of 29/30 by late Friday.

Increasingly, more will be recognising we're headed for 1900.. and lower. For now.. there is no panic.. but if 1867 is lost... yeah.. then things get interesting.

*I hold AAPL-short, VIX-long...
time for an early lunch

11.11am.. EXITED VIX-long from 25.00

... and that leaves me with just AAPL-short.

Will look to pick up SPY-short and VIX-long.... on any market bounce

11.15am.. EXITED AAPL-short from 112.65.

So.. I've cleared the decks.... will reassess in the 2pm hour

11.25am.. VIX..15min

Target retrace.. 23.50/23.00..    22s look out of range.

11.28am.. VIX rapidly cooling.. 24.40s... with sp'1913.

sp'1925 would probably give 23.50 by 1pm.. and I'll strongly consider that.