Tuesday, 11 August 2015

3pm update - a powerful reversal

US equities are set to close significantly lower, having seen a full reversal of the 'Monday nonsense'. VIX is pushing for a close above key resistance around 14.50. Commodities remain mixed, Gold +$5, whilst Oil remains in collapse mode, -3.4% in the $42s.




... I am somewhat tired (dealing with housing issues today), frankly, the market is not actually in the forefront of my mind. I could care less today.. 

Regardless of the exact close, today is a major victory for the equity bears.. after yesterday's nonsense.

notable weakness: AAPL, -5% or so... leading the broader market lower...

*I continue to hold long-VIX.. and short INTC. Both positions are annoying.. and I will be glad to drop them for gains, whether tomorrow.. or later in the week.

back at the close...