Wednesday, 19 August 2015

2pm update - Fedspeak ahead of schedule

It appears Bloomberg have already released the FOMC minutes.. and the market has duly seen a micro spike higher. Now it remains a case  of whether the sp'500 closes below the 200dma (2077)... along with VIX 15s.



*I am standing by to pick up a sig' AAPL-short position... in addition to my VIX-long.  Will look to hold both overnight.. and probably into late Friday.

So.. an early fed press release.....

stay tuned

1.58pm... SHORT-aapl.. from $115.30s, with sp'2082.. and VIX 15.00      

2.16pm. Hyper-short stop cascade... to the opening gap of sp'2095/96...

Crazy market...

Anyone long... getting opportunity to exit... anyone not already short... getting opportunity.