Wednesday, 5 August 2015

1pm update - provisional FAIL

US equities have continued to cool, with the sp' already losing the 2100 threshold. The smaller hourly cycles are offering increasing weakness into the daily close. A net daily decline would be one hell of a turnaround for the equity bears... as the VIX is looking set for the 13s.




*hollow red reversal candle on the VIX, with a rather extreme spike-floor @ 10.88. A daily close in the 13s would be a massive signal

... I have to say.. I am rather burnt out after this morning. I have limits... and I'm way beyond my tolerance level today for this twisted casino.

notable weakness... a list that could go on for pages...

DIS -9%
CHK -9%
TWTR -2%

*with the USD +0.2% in the DXY 98.10s.. metals/Oil remain under pressure.

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