Monday, 31 August 2015

1pm update - its getting tedious

Today is starting to get real tedious as the market churns largely sideways into the monthly close. Most indexes still look set for net daily declines, but regardless... bears are showing no sustained downside power... despite the VIX holding the upper 20s.



With the lack of sustained downward power.. there is now the threat of another up wave.. although that'd still bode for downside later in the week.

As things are... I've ZERO interest in going long at these levels.

Considering the daily MACD cycles.. I've even less interest in attempting a market short.

So... I'm on the sidelines.

notable strength... AAPL

AAPL has fared better than the main market for the last few days...

*have removed fib' retrace... after its made new cycle highs.