Tuesday, 11 August 2015

12pm update - increasing weakness

US equity indexes are now significantly lower, with the sp -24pts @ 2079.  Any daily close in the 2080s should satisfy the bears, but one under the Friday close of 2077 would be a major victory. VIX is battling for a key close >14.50. Oil remains naturally weak, -3.3% in the $42s, as supply just keeps on growing.




*a daily VIX close >14.50 should (in theory) offer a more significant jump tomorrow.. into the 16/17s... which would likely equate to sp'2050/40s.

So... we're already close to a full reversal of the 'Monday nonsense'...  and that is going to really upset some of the bull maniacs out there who were touting new highs just yesterday.

As ever... what matters is the daily close.

For me... its all about the VIX... I want to see a close >14.50.

VIX update from Mr T.

time to lay down on a sofa... I'm burning out.