Wednesday, 26 August 2015

11am update - the swings continue

The significant swings continue, with the market having cooled from an opening high of sp'1914 to 1889. Despite another wave of weakness, the market has an increasingly secure double floor of 1867. A break to the low 1800s looks very unlikely until the latter half of September.



*Dudley has given the market a few things to consider, and it leans on the 'no rate hikes this September' side of the fence.

Well... we still have a long afternoon ahead... one which will seemingly see a break to the upside (above resistance of the hourly 10MA).. or renewed weakness.

I'm guessing UP.

I've eyes on AAPL... naturally... although with the morning weakness, an exit in the 110s looks out of range today.

time for lunch, back soon..