Wednesday, 5 August 2015

10am update - opening gains

US equities open moderately higher, back above the key sp'2100 threshold.. with the VIX crushed back to the 11s. Any sustained action above sp'2110 will be decisive enough to merit the 'white flag' from most bears. Current index action is in stark contrast to huge technical breaks in AAPL and DIS.



Frankly, a somewhat traumatic open for yours truly. No... its not because I'm now seriously underwater via INTC and VIX, but because I'm not short AAPL or DIS, both of which were rather obvious shorts.

For now... I'm hanging in there, but I'm getting seriously pissed... not least at some of the dumb idiots out there who are either calling for a crash to sp'400... or touting that everything is fine in the 'new normal economy'.

AAPL, monthly

The monthly cycle is offering $90.. rather than the big $100 threshold. I realise few will consider that though.

DIS, monthly

Bearish engulfing candle.. .target is $100.... daily cycle is offering a gap zone of 98/93.

time to cook... or start throwing plates... or something.