Friday, 10 July 2015

10am update - opening gains.. again

US equities open significantly higher, sp +21pts @ 2071. Unlike yesterday though, there is arguably a clear break of the down trend.. as also reflected in the VIX, -11% in the 17.70s. USD is sig' weak, -0.9% in the DXY 95.70s. Metals are a touch weak, Gold -$1, with Oil -.0.3%




*opening reversal candle in the VIX.... just like  yesterday. However, I'm somewhat dismissive of it.

Thank the gods.. its almost the weekend... I need to rest!

The sp'2044 is now 1.4% lower, and increasingly secure.. the longer it is held.

notable strength:  AAPL, +1.6%.. and coming earnings should be fine, right?

weakness: TLT -1.5%..  very natural.. as equities make another attempt to rally

10.01am. wholesale trade.. +0.8%... vs 0.3% expected.    Hmm... inventories up.... sales still lacking....

10.06am.. something to look for at the close... VIX rising trend will be around 17.75. Any close under there.. should confirm equity strength into August.