Tuesday, 9 June 2015

11am update - VIX clawing upward

Whilst equities remain moderately weak (with the Trans leading lower.. as ever), the VIX is battling to a 5 week high of 15.74. The bigger weekly cycle is offering the 17/18s in the near term.. which would likely equate to sp'2050s. Metals are battling to hold minor gains, Gold +$3. Oil is building very sig' gains, +3.0%




Interesting morning so far... clearly.. there is simply no buying interest at current price levels.. or at this time.

The next data point of note are retail sales (Thursday).... so the bears should be remain in control at least until the Wed' close.

notable weakness: airlines, DAL -3.5%, UAL -2.1%

strength: copper miners, FCX +3.0%, TCK +4.4%