Monday, 4 May 2015

1pm update - lunch time chatter spooks frackers

Whilst the broader market is holding moderate gains, one of the financial elite (Einhorn) is busy playing games this lunch time, slamming the Nat' gas frackers. Pioneer (PXD) sees a mini collapse wave, and no doubt... the comments will rattle around in market land for much of the week.

Mr Market listens to the Einhorn

PXD, 5min


*I never follow PXD, so I can't even remotely say if its valuation is crazy high.. or low. What is clear... Mr Market sure does pay attention to some of the big names out there.

Can you imagine how it must feel to be able to get up on stage, slam a given company, or even an entire sector, and see the algo-bots react within seconds?

Incredible.... and somewhat sickening.


BABA... which has results early Thursday, remains on the edge...


A loss of the $80 threshold would be a major problem.. and bode for 70/68.