Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10am update - opening chop

US equities open a little higher, but there seems to be a lack of buying power... but then.. it is holiday trading! Metals are weak, Gold -$5, with Silver -1.8%. Energy remains in collapse mode. Nat' gas -2.8%, whilst Oil breaks a new cycle low, -1.8% in the $52.50s.


USO, daily


*Chicago PMI: 58.3... rather worse than the expected 60.8

A bad start to the last day of the year for the precious metals... and Oil.

The minor threat of a year end close in the sp'2100s... now seemingly completely out of range.

Hourly cycles are still offering another major up cycle.. but that looks set to not occur until Friday.

YOU have the entire day to submit a target for end 2015...

See HERE for details :)