Thursday, 13 November 2014

12pm update - late morning reversal

US equities have started to weaken, lead lower by the R2K, -0.7%. The sp'500 has swung from a new historic high of 2046 to 2035. VIX is offering the upper teens before month end, +3% in the mid 13s. Oil remains very weak, -1.8%

R2K, daily



If the R2K can break the daily 10MA of 1174.. it would be highly suggestive that a moderate retrace is finally underway. If so.. it will likely take a good 3-5 days to complete... so we're looking at the middle of next week.. at the earliest.

VIX update from Mr T.

back at 2pm... unless something more dynamic happens.

1.40pm... VIX +8%.. with sp'2030... ohh the humanity. Someone needs to call the BoJ !