Friday, 14 March 2014

Volatility continues to climb

With US equities still broadly weak, the VIX managed to climb into the weekend, settling higher by 9.9%, @ 17.82 (intraday high of 18.22). If the sp'500 can bounce from the 1835/25 zone into the next FOMC, the VIX will cool back to the 15/14s, before the next surge...into the 20s.





*probably the most notable aspect of the week, the VIX weekly gain of 26.3%

As many have recognised, 2014 is going to be a year of increased volatility.

VIX looks set to break the 2013 high of 21, within the next few weeks. Once we see VIX 22, there is open air to the 2012 high of 27. Whether we'll see the 30s, or even 40s this spring/summer (with sp'1600/1500s), that IS the ultimate question.

more later...on the indexes