Wednesday, 4 December 2013

2pm update - last Fed book of the year

The Fed beige book is due at 2pm, where Mr Market is going to adjust to expectations for Q4 earnings and Q1 econ-growth/inflation. Indexes are weak..but remain very prone to a spike higher. Metals are holding very strong gains..with Gold +$27 and Silver +3.9%.


SLV'daily3 - H/S


The count on the hourly cycle...urghh..I don't know.

Does anyone want to count it as 5 down to 1779 ?

Regardless baring a daily close <1770...I still can't take these declines seriously.
- trying to confirm a possible spike-floor at 1779. Bulls need a daily close in the low 1800s, but that doesn't look viable until Thur/Friday..if at all this week.

Notable mover: FB +3%

VIX is looking maxed out..with a spiky top.

Still...bears have achieved two days in a the 15s, thats pretty good.

2.32pm.. a very vain attempt at counting this nonsense.

An ABC..much like sub'2 in early November, yes?