Tuesday, 26 November 2013

3pm update - another closing hour rollover?

The sp' remains stuck just under the 1808.10 high, and with all the micro-cycles looking maxed out, we're set for weakness into the close, very much like yesterday. Downside to 1797/95 would be the natural target. Metals remain weak, Gold -$6, with Silver -0.8%


GLD, daily


*for the sp' at least, a triple micro-top at 1808 ?

Best guess...weakness into the close..very much in the same style as  yesterday. A close <1800 would be useful to equity bears, and keep open the 1780/70s within the next 3-5 trading days.

3.07pm..looking weak..1807...plenty of time to close <1800.

3.14pm.. 1808.23... and then a nano sized pull back.

This really is a case of getting lost in the noise.  Its a wonder anyone tries to trade this nonsense!

AAPL 536..about to break.up...which of course..will help to prop up the tech index.

3.23pm.. AAPL takes out the Oct' high...540s coming...but more so...target is 580/600, before year end.

RIG remains one of my favourites...


*assuming a hyper-ramp into 2015/16..target is 125/150.

3.30pm.. indexex melting higher... urghh.

Meanwhile.. Miners continue to degrade.. GDX -2.6%...no doubt pressured by declining metal prices.

*I was thinking earlier a lot about the miners, will probably be one hell of a buy in 2014/15, but..hey..more on those another day.

Lots of little toppy-spikes on the micro 15min cycle...in theory..Wednesday should be lower.

...not that I'm shorting the indexes of course.

3.40pm..market wants to break lower.  20mins...that is more than enough time.

3.48pm..ahh..and there we go...to the downside. ;0

I have to say..it ..it is pretty funny to be getting overly excited about a move of 3pts, lol

Oh well, to those shorting the 1708 high...maybe you'll get 1780s by early Friday.

3.51pm.. day-trading bull-rats. making a run for it..    ohh the humanity!

3.56pm.. I like being right.      I look forward to late spring 2014..more than most of you can possibly imagine.