Monday, 4 November 2013

1pm update - sleepy Monday

The main indexes are broadly all at least somewhat higher, not surprisingly lead by the two leaders.. Trans/R2K. A break above the recent sp'1775 seems unlikely in the immediate term, with downside to the 1735/30 zone.



It remains almost deathly quiet out there. There just isn't much of anything going on, aside from the usual underlying upward pressure..helped by the regular doses of QE fuel.

TSLA continues to build gains ahead of earnings...

Regardless of today's buyers...I'm still highly suspect about it. Very strong downside viable to 110/100.

1.30pm.. I did mean 'unlikely' not..likely..for the sp'1775 to broken.  This market is so sleepy..its hard to type...barely able to stay awake!

Earnings at the close...TSLA, DRYS...both will be interesting to watch.