Friday, 6 May 2016

VIX cools into the weekend

Despite equities cooling across the week, the VIX never did show any significant upside power, with some distinct cooling into the weekend, settling -7.5% @ 14.72. Across the week, the VIX saw a net decline of -6.2%. The VIX won't remain subdued forever, with the 25/30 zone viable in late May.





Suffice to say, even in pre-market, with sp -16pts at equiv' of 2034, the VIX only showed gains of around 3-4%, with an early high of 16.58.

With the market clawing upward in the afternoon, the VIX was back in classic pre-weekend melt mode.

Even if the main market breaks lower again next week to the sp'2000/1990s (which is going to be difficult).. that will likely only inspire the VIX to the 19-21s.

Sustained action above the key 20 threshold looks out of range until late May.

more later... on the indexes