Tuesday, 19 April 2016

10am update - opening gains

US equities open with a new cycle high of sp'2099. After the 2100 threshold, next level is the Nov' high of 2116, and then the May'2015 historic high of 2134. With the USD -0.4% in the DXy 94.00s, the metals are naturally higher, Gold +$21, with Silver +4.6%.




Little to add.. as the nonsense reaches new heights of insanity.

So.. how low will be VIX remain in the low teens before next jump? On the hourly chart its pretty depressing that the 16s now look a long way up.

notable mover..

NFLX, daily

With a clear break of rising trend, NFLX loses the 50dma.. next level is the $90 threshold. Daily MACD cycle now negative... nothing bullish in that one.

time for some sun... back soon.