Tuesday, 1 March 2016

VIX rapidly cooling

With equity indexes powering higher, the VIX rapidly cooled, settling -13.9% @ 17.70 - the lowest daily close since Dec'30th 2015. The near term outlook offers the sp'1980/90s, and that will likely equate to VIX 16s. Broadly, the VIX looks set to remain subdued for another 10 trading days.




Not surprisingly, with equities seeing very significant gains, the VIX effectively imploded, and was ground lower across the day.

There will clearly be some degree of resistance around the sp'2K threshold, and VIX might manage to climb from the 16s to around 19/20. However, it would safe to say, the VIX will likely remain broadly subdued into mid March.

The 30s look just about possible by end March - if sp' loses the 1900 threshold, but that in itself will not be easy.

Clearly, the 40/50s are viable no earlier than April.

more later... on the indexes