Friday, 11 March 2016

VIX cools into the weekend

With US equities ending the week on a significantly positive note, the VIX was naturally in cooling mode, settling -8.6% @ 16.50. Near term outlook threatens the sp'2020/40 zone, and that might briefly equate to VIX 15/14s.. before a key floor is solidified.





*a net weekly VIX decline of -2.1%

Suffice to add, a fourth consecutive weekly decline in volatility, having cooled from the Feb'11th high of 30.90, when sp'1810.

Next week's FOMC on Wednesday will make for a very natural equity top and corresponding floor in volatility.

The next big issue is how much might equities cool by end March, and can the VIX attain a monthly close >20.. or even within the 25/30 zone.

more later... on the indexes