Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Three days left of Q1

The week began on a naturally very subdued note, yet with just 3 trading days left of the month/first quarter, price action should (in theory) start to get more dynamic. Considering the giant ramp from sp'1810 to 2056, the natural inclination would be for a retrace into end month and stretching into the first week or two of April.




re; monthly:  as ever, the monthly close for equities will be important. Equity bears should be somewhat desperate for a Thursday/March close under the 10MA, currently @ sp'2017.

re: weekly. It is notable that the upper weekly bollinger has actually ticked a few points higher at the Monday open... hmm.

Looking ahead

Tuesday will see case-schiller HPI and consumer confidence.

The central event of the day (perhaps the week) will be an appearance from Fed Chair Yellen at the 'economic club' in NYC.

Aunt Janet is set to appear around 11.30am (approx), will likely present a speech (I'd imagine there will be an official press release for the algo-bots to adjust to), and will then have sit down Q/A with the club host.

*it is notable that fed officials Williams and Kaplan are also due to appear tomorrow.

Goodnight from London