Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Closing Brief

US equities closed moderately mixed, sp -0.3pts @ 1851 (intra high 1881). The two leaders - Trans/R2K, settled -0.2% and u/c respectively. Despite ongoing shaky price action, near term outlook remains unchanged, with probable further upside back above the sp'1900 threshold.



*awaiting earnings from Tesla and Twitter.

It was a really mixed day..  with the morning significant declines fading into the afternoon, with a fair few indexes closing net lower.

Clearly, it was not a great day for the bulls, but neither was it particularly dire.

For now, unless rising trend is broken - which at the Friday close will be around sp'1835, equity bears are still likely going to need to be patient for another weeks or two.

notable movers...

AA -3%
CHK -12%, as talk of bankruptcy increases
DIS -3% in the $88s, despite good earnings
SDLR -5%, as energy prices struggle.


Oh lookie... AMZN is launching a buy back...

Clearly, that will solve the underlying problem of poor profitability, right?

.. and another...

As noted.. clearly buy backs will solve ALL problems, right, ???

TLSA earnings... market expected 10 cent EPS.... actual : negative -87 cents.... stock initially implodes to $135, but is already back to $150... and vulnerable to 180s.

Maybe the TSLA problems could be solved with a buy back? They just need to issue more shares or corp' debt.. to fund such a buy back. That will work.. yes?

oh noes.. ex-momo stock TWTR..  EPS beat.. but market breaks the stock to a new historic low of $12.84

So... we're in the $12s... and sp' ain't even 1700s yet.  If sp'1600s.. TWTR will be sub $10.  Ohh the humanity!

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