Thursday, 4 February 2016

11am update - swinging to the upside

US equities have naturally swung back to the upside, and it is notable that the sp'1900 threshold remains a rather key level. Further price chop looks due this afternoon, before the market has to cope with the next monthly jobs data tomorrow. Right now, the 1970s look well within range next week.




re: daily5b. Clearly, scenario'1 is OFF, and as I expected, we're seeing renewed strength.

There are going to be plenty of aspects of resistance next week from the 1950s on up, not least the daily upper bollinger... and the even more important 50dma.

Sustained action >2K looks extremely difficult.

notable movers...

AA +10%
FCX +22%
RIG +6%
TWTR +3%

Here in London city...

Another day closer to summer warmth.

time to cook