Friday, 29 January 2016

3pm update - net weekly gains

After a great number of swings and tedious price chop, US equity indexes are set for the second consecutive net weekly gain, with the sp'500 due a close within the 1925/35 zone. The 1940s look an easy target for next week, with the 1970s more viable in the week of Feb'8th.



Well, its been a tough week.

Many have been lost in the minor noise.. with the market eventually breaking to the upside, from which did indeed turn out to be a 5 day bull flag.

Today's gains sure are helping calm the cheerleaders on clown finance TV.

I look forward to seeing the faces of horror and dismay this spring. No doubt they will be screaming for Yellen to launch QE4 and follow the ECB and BoJ with... NIRP.

The following sums up this week... and arguably... the year ahead

A fierce battle is ahead, not all will make it through to the end of this year. I'll give it a damn good try.

... more Black Sails, this Saturday evening on Starz.

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