Wednesday, 20 January 2016

11am update - winter has come for the bull maniacs

To use a Game of Thrones reference, Winter has unquestionably come for the equity bulls. Every micro bounce is being sold into, as the market appears headed for short term capitulation within the sp'1750/25 zone, and that should equate to VIX at least >35.




*note the 200dma, by March/April, that will be around 2K, and will be prime resistance in the next multi-week rally.

Getting kinda interesting, right?

Traders should be looking for some kind of capitulation day, the obvious signs, such as much higher vol'.

Regardless of the next bounce, broader downside to 1600/1500s looks extremely probable.

**I'll try to cover it later, but the two leaders - Trans/R2K, are set to turn MARCON 1 in Feb/March.  The headline indexes look due to follow in March/April.

Effectively... we're getting kinda close to be able to call it 'crash mode'.

Here in London city...

Bearish sun

Wintry showers

Another rather glorious sunset in the great metropolis, whilst remaining distinctly icy.

time to cook :)

11.30am... a lot of micro chop... as volume continues to build...

A daily close <1820 will guarentee 1700s tomorrow....  the only issue is where will short term capitulation be..

Dow 15100/000 = sp'1780s..  might get stuck there.

VIX should offer clarity.. seeking a clear spike high blow off top... at least >35.