Wednesday, 4 November 2015

1pm update - eyes on the VIX... and DIS

US equity indexes remain moderately weak... if somewhat choppy. VIX has broken outside of a rather bullish price structure.. with the 18/20 zone seemingly on track by the weekly close... which would equate to sp'2060/50s. Meanwhile.. DIS remains notably weak, -3.3%.


DIS, daily


re: DIS. bearish engulfing candle in DIS. There is easy downside to 108/105.... after that.. the $100 threshold.

To be clear.. I am super bullish DIS (not least due to Marvel, and Star Wars).. but for now... the stock looks in real trouble... with earnings due tomorrow AH.

As for VIX... its arguably a leading warning that the market is going to sell significantly lower this Friday. The 18/20 zone looks very reasonable.

stay tuned!