Friday, 16 October 2015

VIX cools into the weekend

With equities closing the week on a moderately positive note, the VIX continued to cool, settling -6.2% @ 15.05. Near term outlook is for further equity upside to test the 200dma in the sp'2060s, and that would likely equate to VIX 14/13s.





*the lowest daily close since Aug 19th

Little to add.

VIX remains broadly subdued as the equity market continues to claw toward the 200dma of the sp'2060s.

If sp'2060, that will likely equate to VIX 14/13s... around the time of the next FOMC.

From there... some sig' degree of equity retrace looks probable. At best.. VIX might briefly see the low 20s in early November.

more later... on the indexes