Thursday, 22 October 2015

12pm update - eyes on the Nasdaq

US equities are holding rather significant gains, with the sp'500 in the sp'2040s. More notable though, the Nasdaq comp' which is very close to breaking back above the 200dma. A daily close in the 4930s would be rather definitive, and bode for sp'2060s early next week.

Nasdaq comp', daily



Now it is simply a case of either the market reverses from here.. or we're about to see the first index break over core resistance.  With price action as it is, I can't be bearish.

VIX update from Mr T.  

*seemingly a no-show

time for tea.


12.26pm... Things are spiralling up... Nasdaq just 4/5pts away from the 200dma.

With sp'2052...  juist 8pts to the 200dma.

After 2060.. its open air to the May high of 2134.

12.41pm.. Nasdaq is the first of the main indexes to re-take the 200dma.

VIX melting..  hitting a new cycle low of 14.45.