Wednesday, 19 August 2015

VIX continues to push upward

With equities settling lower, the VIX managed the third consecutive net daily gain, +10.7% @ 15.26 (intra high 15.96), having rebounded from a post FOMC minutes low of 13.73. Near term outlook is for the sp'2050/40s, which should equate to VIX 17/18s.




*note the bullish MACD cross on the weekly VIX... there is a very viable 4-6 weeks upside from current levels. 

Despite closing a fair way below the morning high, the VIX still closed decisively above resistance of the mid 14s.

The 17/18s look due before the weekend... but it does remain highly doubtful that we'll see the 20s in the current up cycle.

more later... on the indexes