Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3pm update - crazy swings

US equities saw a hyper short-stop cascade on the FOMC minutes from sp'2080 to an afternoon spike high of 2096 - filling the micro opening gap. However, Mr Market now seems intent on renewed weakness into the close...  and unlike the crazy reversal last Wednesday, the indexes are set to close negative.




*I highlight the VIX daily 'rainbow' chart to again note resistance in the mid 14s.

We have a rather exciting closing hour ahead!

*I hold long-VIX.. and short-AAPL...  overnight. Seeking the sp'2050/40s.. with VIX 17/18s... whether that comes before the weekend.. or next week.. I don't much mind.

3.38pm... chop chop... sp'2081.. with VIX 15.00s.... all things considered.. that is fine for those currently short.