Thursday, 27 August 2015

10am update - opening gains

US equity indexes open significantly higher for a third day, with the sp'500 breaking to 1972:  105pts (5%) higher than the 'train wreck' Tuesday close. VIX is naturally continuing to cool, -11% in the 26s. The smaller 15/60min equity cycles are now over-stretched.




If yesterday's action didn't give clarity to some of the bears who were still bearish (about the near term) this mornings open should.

The daily equity cycles are offering 2-3 WEEKS of upside.. before the next opportunity of a major down wave.

*I was stopped out of AAPL-long at the open.. very pleased with my exit level. Will consider picking up again in the low 110s or even 109s.

AAPL, 15min

time to cook :)

9.58am... sp'1961.. already 11pts below the earlier high.

AAPL 110s.   109s now look an easy level     108s really would be another opportunity to pick up again.

Will consider... this afternoon.

10.03am.... sp'15min

Frankly.. there looks to be threat of red indexes by 2pm