Thursday, 9 July 2015

2pm update - not for ten thousand FB shares

US equities are battling to hold moderate gains, having slipped a little further to sp'2055. Price structure remains a bull flag.. but clearly, any net daily decline would make for a massive failure for the bull maniacs. VIX is reflecting some concern about the completely unresolved Greek situation.



Well, its the 2pm hour... we've seen almost a full 1% cooling from the earlier high of sp'2074. The bull maniacs need to see at least the 2060/65 zone by the close... otherwise.. the daily closing candles are going to settle real ugly.

notable weakness: INTC, -1.4% @ $29.04... in critical/imminent danger of losing the key $29s.. having significant swung from an opening high of $29.89.

strength: BABA +3.2%

As for the FB shares...

I would not get into one of those wild spinning mechanical monsters for almost any amount of momo/hysteria stock.

ps. bullish ice cold KO.