Thursday, 9 July 2015

11am update - resistance holds.. for now

US equities have moderately cooled from the early high of sp'2074 to 2061... confirming the opening VIX reversal candle. VIX itself is -6% in the 18.30s. Unless the Greeks can put forward an improved offer to the Troika in the coming days, along with continued China gains... this market remains vulnerable.




The opening VIX reversal candle was certainly something to be taken seriously...   frankly, it seems increasingly vital for the bulls to break >sp'2075.

Best guess... market breaks >2075... and proceeds into the sp'2100s. 

notable weakness: INTC -0.9%... having swung from the $29.80s to 29.20s. The $29.00 threshold remains critical to hold. If lost... it would bode for sub sp'2044s next week... although I realise many would disagree with such an extrapolation.

strength: AA, +3.1%.. post earnings