Thursday, 9 July 2015

10am update - opening gains

US equities open significantly higher, with the sp'500 already coming close to breaking resistance of 2075. VIX is naturally in rapid cooling mode, -9% in the 17.80s. USD is u/c in the DXY 96.20s. Metals are holding moderate gains, Gold +$6. Oil is +2.4%




*opening reversal candle in the VIX.. which is a problem for the bulls...

So, strong gains... but it remains the case that the market is highly vulnerable to any sporadic Greek news headlines.

It will be important for China to have another a second consecutive net daily gain.. to conclude the week.

*opening reversal in INTC..  swinging from the $29.80s to the 29.20s.... I've no idea why. Core support remains the $29s... that had better hold.. or its a major problem.