Friday, 12 June 2015

VIX claws upward into the weekend

With equity indexes closing the week on a negative note, the VIX opened higher.. and battled hard to hold onto moderate gains, settling +7.2% @ 13.78 (intra high 14.02). Near term outlook is uncertain, with the threat of the sp'2072 low being taken out.


VIX' daily3



*across the week, the VIX declined -3.2%

Suffice to say, despite equity weakness into the weekend, the VIX remains broadly subdued, stuck in the low teens. Considering the persistent 'Greek issue', it remains an incredibly complacent market.

The big VIX 20 threshold looks out of range in the immediate term. At best... if the market is further upset next week, the 17/19 zone looks 'briefly viable'.

more later... on the indexes