Friday, 21 November 2014

3pm update - a fifth week for the bull maniacs

US equities look set to close higher for a fifth consecutive week. The hyper-ramp from the Oct'15th low of sp'1820 continues.... earlier 251pts (13.8%) across 28 trading days. Metals hold moderate gains, Gold +$4. Energy is very mixed, Nat' gas -4%, whilst Oil 1.0%



*I suppose you could argue a gap fill has been completed.. with the earlier pull back

Little to add.... on what has been just another crazy week in market land.

Frankly, the action of the various central banks should disturb not just the usual doomer bears (of which I still include myself).. but everyone in the developed world.

This is going to end so badly... print print print..... currency wars lead to trade wars.... and trade wars lead to real wars.

Regardless....broader bullish trend is strong... I ain't standing in front of it.

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