Thursday, 13 November 2014

2pm update - the day the market turned red

US equities continue to weaken, lead lower by the R2K, -0.8%. The sp'500 has swung from 2046 to 2030... a daily close in the 2020s would be highly suggestive a retrace is now underway. VIX is confirming the equity weakness, +8% in the 14s.

The shock.. the horror... indexes turn red!



*VIX and R2K, are the most bearish aspects right now, and both are offering the first real hint that a retrace is finally underway.

Notable weakness in the energy sector, not least with Oil -1.9%, and Nat' gas -3.4%.

Oil/gas drillers remain a mess,  RIG/SDRL, both lower by around -3.7%

TWTR having problems... -3.7% in the $40s. If 39s... it bodes for a retest of the summer low... $30. I guess the market wants the CEO out!