Wednesday, 17 September 2014

10am update - minor wave lower into the afternoon

Equities open moderately lower, but there would seem pretty high probability for an intraday pull back... into the afternoon. A brief fall to the sp'1995/90 zone would be somewhat natural.



*I exited a small index-long at sp'2003.. will seek to re-long later today... certainly, the 1995/90 zone would be a far better place.

So.. long day ahead...

The Fed decision will no doubt be to cut QE again, but...will the fedspeak placate..or annoy the market?

There is a press' conf' with Yellen, and there is always risk she will say something stupid about int' rates that might briefly upset the market.

Regardless, the broader trend IS up.


...back to green.  The 2030s look a pretty easy target within 2-3 weeks.