Tuesday, 25 March 2014

11am update - another reversal?

US equities are holding moderate gains, but somewhat struggling. VIX is offering a morning reversal, and if the bulls lose the sp'1860s today...it'll be another important failed rally. Metals are building minor gains, Gold +$5. VIX remains lower, but off the lows.



*I remain focused on the VIX...seeking a daily close in the 16s..which should clarify things..at least a little.

Right now, little else to add.

Lets see if the bears can kick the market lower..back into the 1860s. A red close would be especially bearish, but as noted earlier.....there is sig' QE Wed/Thursday.

This is turning out to be a messy week.

11.37am.. the reversal continues... VIX set to turn green within an hour.

Best case for the bears right now... sp'1840...with VIX 16s.