Tuesday, 24 December 2013

10am update - minor, but interesting gains

The market opens a little higher, and we've now seen the sp'1830s. The 1850/60s are being offered on the bigger weekly/monthly cycles. VIX has already slipped into the 12s. Notable strength in the momo stocks, with TWTR moving into the $66s. TLSA +6%



*I added to a LONG RIG position, from the $47.30s...seeking a major wave higher..although it sure is taking longer than I originally thought!


Notable break through in DRYS, holding the $4s, and the door is now wide open to 5, even $6 within a month.

DRYS, weekly

A very impressive weekly candle right now, and any close this Friday >$4 will be very decisive.

10.06am... RIG, DRYS...both making a break for it.

I'm not sure what is up with TLSA, +7.3%, it can't all be short-covering?